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Nanjing Precision Optic Co.Ltd relies on experienced overseas returnees and years of optical industry, cooperates with the international and domestic first-class optical industry experts to develop high-tech Optical instruments and components in the various industry applications. 

At present main products include: infrared optical lens, automotive lens, security camera lens, machine vision lens, mobile lens, precision moulded aspheric lens, precision optical lens and lens assembly. 

Nanjing Precision Optic Co.Ltd is committed to providing high-precision lens and cutting-edge optical technology to global customers. 





Nanjing Precision Optic Co.Ltd

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Nanjing Precision Optic Co.Ltd is a professional optical scopes manufacturer in China. Focus on R&D, Production, 

Sales and After-sales service of the optical instruments, optical lens, optical precision glass and other related products

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